What to Look For When Buying Decorated Garments for Kids

There are a lot of companies selling decorated garments for kids. The style, quality and price of these items can vary massively. Kids love clothing that has character logos, sequins, buttons, ribbons and other decorations, but as a parent, it can be a nightmare finding high quality, safe and long-lasting clothing that looks good and that your children are willing to wear.

Quality Kid’s Clothes

Appliqued Kids ShirtThe best decorated garments for kids are ones that are eye-catching, but that are not likely to fall to pieces the first time they get washed. Kids love to play rough and get dirty, so you need to choose clothes that are hardwearing. If you are buying logo or character clothing, try to pick clothes that have sturdy double-stitched patches, embroidered logos or at the very least, ones that are made with sublimation printing. Anything less is likely to fall to pieces before even the most fickle of children loses interest in it.

What to Avoid

When shopping for young children, you should avoid clothing that is fragile or that has a lot of loose parts on it. Big, flowing ribbons, sequins, plastic patches with single stitching or fluffy foam embossed logos are not likely to last long. Garments with iron-on style patches are also a bad idea if your child tends to pick a garment and wear it to death. Shiny clothes with “foil” threads don’t tolerate being washed very well, and are best reserved for older children.
Kids Clothing to Avoid

Many of the fancy dress garments that are sold in theme parks and children’s clothing stores are so poorly made that they are unlikely to survive more than one party outing. If you are good with a needle and thread, don’t waste money on these outfits – make your own instead; they will look more impressive and last longer too!
These suggestions assume that you are shopping for decorated garments for kids that are still fairly young. Older children, especially older girls, are more likely to take good care of their clothes so you can safely buy more delicate items. However, you should still impress upon your child that there are some clothes that are for getting “dressed up” and others that are more suitable for play. This will help to avoid the heartache that comes with having your favorite piece of clothing fall to pieces in the wash.

Selling Embroidered Shirts

Tips On Selling Companies Embroidered Shirts

Selling shirts may seem like it is an easy job to do, and it can be, depending on the price and the clients who are buying the shirts. The problem that a lot of people have to overcome is the companies they are selling to may not know the benefits of buying embroidered shirts. This is why those selling embroidered apparel might enjoy a few tips to help them in selling companies embroidered shirts.

The first tip for people to use is to inform the company on how well these look on their employees. While a lot of businesses may not think about this, the embroidered shirts will allow the employees to look better because the shirts are made for them. Unlike some places that use tee shirts or other items for their employees, the embroidered shirts will look great and project a professional image.Embroidered Shirt - Professional Image

A second tip for selling companies embroidered shirts is to inform them on how long these shirts last versus the other types of shirts that the company might be using. Typically, people do not think about this aspect, but if the company is employing the use of a tee shirt, the quality of the shirt may not prove to be the best option to show off the quality company image or brand. However, with embroidered polo shirts, and other embroidered shirts, people will think more highly of your company and your employees as well.

Custom Embroidered Polo ShirtFinally, embroidery sales people may have to educate the business and stress how professional the embroidered shirts look compared to the t-shirts. While some businesses will require a full suit and tie, others have a more casual dress code. This casual dress code could easily lead to the employees performing their job tasks with a more casual attitude and even at a slower pace. By having the company employees wear a more professional custom embroidered shirt, it’s sure to help the bottom line in the long run.

When attempting to improve the company image, some may not think about how they can go about doing this with embroidered company apparel. The sales person could use a few tips on selling companies embroidered shirts to guarantee they are selling the company on how these can improve the professional look of the business.

Uncategorized Uniforms

Why Logo Shirts Create Team Spirit

Creating team spirit is a lot harder than what people think. Often when people are trying to create this spirit, they will find the first thing that will help them out is by getting a uniform. This is when people should know more about why the logo shirts create team spirit and how this is able to work at helping the team come closer together.
Custom Embroidered Team Jackets

Typically when people use the logo shirts create team spirit it will allow the people to feel like they are part of something special. By feeling special the people will start to feel like they belong to the team. So people are going to concentrate more on helping the team out, rather than trying to figure out how they are going to be able to help themselves out.

Something else which people will enjoy with the logo shirts is they allow other people to know what group they belong to. By having this information, people will not have to worry about telling people what they do or where they do this at. Instead, people will know that their shirts are going to show off where they belong and what exactly they are doing at any period of time.

Finally people will find the logo shirts will create team spirit by giving people something they can wear. By having something to wear, people will be able to find the right items to wear to their place of employment or on the team at any time. Without this, people may have to continue to wear anything they can find and this could easily lead to them being disappointed because they are having to use their own clothing to get the items they want to wear at any time.

Having a chance to build team spirit is a lot harder than what people think. However, if people are looking for a great way to build this spirit, the best way is by having the team united with something they can all hold in common. Some of those items that they will want to hold in common can be a logo shirt. With the understanding of why logo shirts create team spirit, it will be easy for the people who are the decision makes to see this is the best option for them to use at getting the team united with each other on a regular basis.


A Perfect Match: Sororities and Appliqued Apparel

If you’re in a sorority, whether it’s Delta Delta Delta or Sigma Chi, you’re going to need a way to show your sorority pride to everyone else on campus – and the best way to do that is with a snazzy, attractive, and flattering shirt. Sororities and appliqued apparel go hand in hand – how else are people supposed to know which sorority you’re in, and how else are you supposed to show you’re better than those lousy Phi Phi Phis than with apparel that blows theirs out of the water?

Before you can get jammin’ shirts and pants for your sorority, you’re going to need a cute logo. If your sorority has any design students, or anyone with an artistic or creative mindset, you might be able to get this logo made yourselves – but be sure to get some outside opinions before you go all the way with a logo. If you don’t have anybody who can put together a good logo, or if you just can’t think of anything good, you could try paying some design students at your college to come up with a logo for you. You probably won’t need to pay them much – college students are generally poor and desperate, and that goes double for art students.  Also, the Greek letters for sororities are most often appliqued on shirts of all kinds.

Once you’ve got your logo, you can start looking for a way to get it onto a shirt. Without a doubt, the best way to do it is with appliqued apparel. Applique is a much better choice for sororities than screen printing or embroidery – applique is relatively inexpensive, and what’s more, it pops much more than any other method, and the whole point of this is to get noticed! There’s a reason they say sororities and appliqued apparel are perfect for each other.

So you’ve decided on applique – good choice! Now you just need to find a company that can do this for you. There might be a local company that’ll do it, or you could look around on the internet for a supplier. Most manufacturers have professional designers on staff, so they might be able to give you further logo advice as well as choose the shirt color and cut that’ll be most flattering.  Apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets are probably the most popular garments used for applique.

So, once again, sororities and appliqued apparel have come together in a wonderful union. You’ll have those fraternity boys following you around in no time!


Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing

Direct To Garment is a newer printing method which acts much like an inkjet printer you would use to print paper.  In fact most DTG printers are large inkjet printers that are modified to print shirts.  There are substantial modifications to get this work, and new job-specific printers are being offered by printer manufacturers.  In order to print on fabric, a pigment ink is used versus the dye-based inks used on paper.  Large quantities of ink must be supplied because of the absorbent nature of the fabric.  White colored garments can be directly printed onto the shirts.  A heat press is necessary so the blank shirt can be pressed before printing to release any moisture in the shirt.  After printing, the shirt is also pressed to set the inks into the fabric.  Garments most used for this printing are t-shirts, aprons, pillow cases, golf towels, etc.

For dark colors, a pre-treatment has to be applied first so the shirt can accept the white ink.  This is done with a hand-sprayer in small shops, or a pre-treatment sprayer in shops that do a significant amount of dtg printing. In addition,  after the pre-treatment application dries, a white under-base is printed on the shirt before the color layer is applied. White ink is used in much larger quantities than individual colors, so most often half of the printer’s ink capacity is dedicated to white.  White ink can be problematic in that its pigment can easily settle and cause print heads to clog.  Several companies have included circulating and filtration systems to combat clogs.

One hundred percent cotton fabrics are preferred for DTG.  Blends of up to fifty percent cotton can be used.  It must be noted however that the color will be only adhering to the cotton, so the colors will be lighter on the blends.

While screen printing is one one of the more common ways to print on garments, it doesn’t always meet every customer’s request.  That is why DTG printing has become popular today.  A full-service print shop would do itself a dis-service and actually loose business if they don’t incorporate direct-to-garment printing as an optional method of printing for its customers.

Below are the benefits and drawbacks of DTG Printing and Screen Printing:

DTG Printing


  • Soft to the touch
  • Prints photos that are crisp and clear
  • Unlimited colors
  • Great for small quantities (1-12)


  • Color matching of inks will not be exact
  • Best prints achieved with 100% cotton.  Blends will print lighter and faded in appearance.
  • Limited print space – Max. of 12.5”w x 14”h
  • Not cost effective for quantities over 12.

Screen Printing


  • Vast array of inks available, incl. glitter and foils
  • Best for garments composed of at least 80% cotton
  • Print space is larger
  • Cost effective for over 12-piece quantities


  • The more colors in the design, the higher the print cost.
  • Photographic details not attainable
  • Small quantities (under 12) are not cost effective
  • Printers usually require 12 or 24-piece minimums
Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered Shirts – How They Can Benefit Your Company

There are many ways this form of shirt decoration can benefit your specific company.  If you are seeking to promote your business, the best solution to take advantage of the most cost effective method of advertising your company is to utilize the many types of shirts available today.  All shirts can be custom embroidered with your business logo and/or your company’s brand.  Here are a few suggestions on how some establishments achieve the most bang for their advertising dollar:

  •             Mom and Pop Companies:  These businesses are usually local and perhaps in your very city and a few of the surrounding towns.  It is important that they cover as much of the local vicinity as they can.  This can be achieved by supplying employees with logos on their shirts.  After their shift, these employees will be out and about in all kinds of places in the same area as your company; i.e. ball parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.  What a great way to become known in the same community where the business is located!
  •             Restaurants:  Most all restaurants have employee uniforms.  The restaurant logo, or motto of serving customers, can be placed on the left chest of a polo shirt for each and every person that works in the restaurant!  It makes each one feel like they’re a member of a team, and the employees will exert more of an effort to keep up with their peers.  This makes perfect business sense!
  •            Any Company’s Sales Force:  Your sales people need to look sharp and feel good about their appearance when visiting prospective customers.   While they’re promoting your company with their sales pitch, why not let them exhibit the quality of your organization by wearing a nice long-sleeved dress shirt with the company logo stitched over the left chest pocket?  They’ll look like they mean business when making their sales calls and it tells the customers that whatever they’re selling is worth not just taking a look, but it’s also a confirmation that if they purchase, your company will  provide great support after the sale.  First impressions are important!
  •            Trade Show Staff:   Here’s a case where you have to look just as good, or even better, than the rest of the people in the trade show booths!  Most all staff going to these events have a shirt on that respresents their company.  You can’t have your people working a trade show  dress any differently if you want to compete.  In fact, you can do better and not only have your company name on the left chest of their shirts, but you can put your slogan or your web address on one of the sleeves or perhaps on the back neck area under the collar.  Go one better and get more attention to your company and it’s products!
  •            Large Corporations:  By far, this is the kind of company that wants its employees to wear logo apparel.  They have a name in the marketplace and need that exposure.  Also, large corporate customer gifting programs should include a good selection of shirts that are stitched with the company’s logo.  These larger companies also attend many more events when executive shirts, polo shirts, and even casual camp shirts might be fitting.
  •         Retail Sales Crew:  It makes a difference when you walk into a store and are greeted by a sales person that appears professional dressed in a company shirt.  It tells me that the retail establishment tries hard to project a positive image to its customers.  Your sales team will work together and actually feel like a “team” when they are wearing any kind of a shirt that has the store’s name on it.  Watch your sales climb now!

So many more companies could benefit from matching companion shirts for their employees, gifting programs, and advertising efforts.  Custom embroidery of company logos is the most professional and classy way to exhibit the best quality image of your company.  This is the choice of those who really want to impress those with whom they come in contact.


Benefits of Embroidered Hats

A great way to promote a business is to invest in promotional products. There are a lot of companies that spend their marketing funds on these items because of the many benefits. Among the most reasonably priced products out there are custom hats. Hats are worn by people every day, allowing the world to see your brand.

One way to make use of hats is to let your employees wear hats with the logo of your company on the front. If your staff members work outdoors, giving them hats does not only protect them from the scorching heat of the sun, but it also gives the public the impression that you care about your people.

Employees go to different places every day. After work, a person may head to the grocery store while wearing his or her custom cap. Some may even go to the football or baseball field to watch their children play. The possibilities of advertising your business with these hats are just infinite.

Hats worn during sporting events are cool and they can be worn anytime. You do not need to be an athlete to wear one. You can merely be a spectator. Using a custom cap is a good way to show your support for a certain team.

Golf is a sport where caps are normally worn. Golfers wear different kinds of hats from low profile ones to high profile caps. Visors are typically worn by the female gender. The affordability of embroidered hats makes it a great choice for any company.

Hats can also be used by people who love the beach. An embroidered straw hat or perhaps a visor provides protection from the heat of the sun. Wearing a hat or any kind of headwear is important when going to the beach. There are a lot of hats available and they come in different colors and styles. Those that are embroidered certainly offer class.

During the colder months, knit beanies are good promotional items. These beanies are stylish and are worn regularly. There are a lot of colors available, although it typically comes in one size only. This is another option you should consider when embroidering your logo because of its reasonable price.

Hunters also wear hats when they are in the woods, water, or wherever they hunt. These hats are called camouflage headwear. Your company logo can be printed or stitched on these hats. These camo hats might look like they are only for men, but women wear them as well.

It is easy to buy embroidered hats. Anyone will surely love to own them, so be sure to take advantage of custom embroidery in promoting your business. You will surely be impressed with how it can let the world know about your business and create brand awareness.


Sports Uniforms – Exploring Your Options

embroidered uniformMascots, numbers, and team names can be added to sports uniforms in various ways.  They all have benefits and also drawbacks.  Your choice can be made after evaluating your particular team’s traditional usage and customs.  These are listed below in no particular order of preference.

Heat-Press Transfers
Pros:           Most economical.
Cons:         Least durable.  Special care needs to be taken with washing, drying and pressing. Heat is used to apply the decoration and hot water and irons will not allow it to stay adhered if these protections are not regarded.  It is used mostly on uniforms that are washed in cold water, don’t require ironing and can be worn without putting them in the dryer.

Method:     This involves applying a vinyl transfer of your design onto the uniform with a heat press.

Screen Printing

Pros:      Cost effective for 12 or more uniforms.  More color options.

Cons:     Not the most durable. Prone to cracking.  Flat or matte finish.

Method:    Screens are made for the design and ink is poured through them and applied to the uniform.  Popular for amateur or casual uniforms.

Dye Sublimation

Pros:    Most durable. Any design can be effectively used.

Cons:   Most expensive.  Designs are actually infused into the uniform.

Method:    The actual uniform is dyed with heat. Special printers are used for this method of decoration and are usually found in the uniform manufacturing plants if they decorate in-house.


Pros:      Most durable and lasts longer than most garments that have this method of embellishment.  Popular mostly for small logos or designs placed on the sleeve of uniforms.

Cons:      Limited to small designs when it comes to uniforms.  Larger designs like names or numbers involve embroidery stitching around twill applique when it is used on uniforms.

Method:     Embroidery is the term used for applying artwork to the garment using needles and threads.  Computer software is used to create a logo design into stitches that can only be read by an embroidery machine.  Today’s commercial machines can sew 1 uniform at a time or up to 20 at a time with the larger machines.  The thread most often used for uniforms is polyester, but rayon is also used regularly.  Embroidery has long been considered a more professional, elegant and classy form of garment decoration.


Custom Polo Shirts – A Great Way to Promote Your Business

Embroidered PolosCustom polo shirts are durable garments used by companies small and large.  Polos are cooler as compared to fleece, more elegant then a t-shirt, and may be used in the workplace as well as in seminars and workshops.
Polo shirts can be imprinted, stitched, or both.   Custom polo shirts create the identity of the company and give workers a fantastic uniform they can dress up or down. These shirts can be found almost everywhere. Look around and you’ll realize that they are extremely popular.

When a company is prepared with its embroidered corporate design, it may be changed a bit and the suitable message could be printed on the shirts. One example is embroidering shirts with exactly the same logo but also printing different staff functions based on who’ll put on the apparel. Business units can also wear shirts with diverse colors. There are a lot of colors out there, including two-toned shirts. Styles are likewise numerous, such as long-sleeved and fitted shirts, which are offered in thin and thick textiles.

With the presence of digital hardware and software, you can buy polo shirts, imprinted and stitched, on the internet. It’s also feasible to upload any artwork of your liking. With the second item, it’s important to find a company that can work together with you to create your designs, or rather propose suggestions to adapt a graphic so it suits the appropriate machinery. Today, this is becoming less and less of a concern, since contemporary embroidery equipment can handle really complex designs. It is important for the design to be sharp and readable for the best implementation of your design.

Polo shirts are great for promoting a company. Shirts are utilized by advertisers as corporate give-aways, as well as client gifting programs. as a way to advertise the company. A client considers an embroidered polo shirt a good reflection on your company and depicts the reliability and success of the company, in contrast to a printed t-shirt that might not indicate a quality image.

Whenever you shop for custom polo shirts, you may have a tough time deciding on the actual shirt.  Be sure not to base your decision totally on price.  There can be major differences in the material, fit and durability.  The price of the shirt has more to do with the shirt than with the decoration cost.  Professional  decorators are very familiar with clothing that is best for embroidery and screen printing.  They have the expertise to guide you to get a garment that meets your needs.